A suction issue on a swimming pool's piping system could be a result of a number of things including the following:

  • the o-ring (seal) under the pump lid has fallen out or is not in properly or there are leaves/sticks stuck on it causing it to not seal 100%.
  • the pool pump overheated due to a blocked suction pipe or a blocked filter causing the suction fitting to have warped and thus allow air in.
  • the suction pipe is blocked which is restricting water flow into the pump.
  • the filter is blocked causing excessive back pressure into the pump preventing the water from moving through the pump and the system.
  • the shaft seal is damaged or worn and air is being sucked in from the back of the pump body (this is not a typical problem, though).
  • the suction pipe has a hole/crack or there's a loose fitting somewhere between the pump and the weir (i.e. underground). 


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