We are experts at finding leaks on swimming pool pipes. We use specialist equipment and years of experience to determine whether or not the pool pipes are leaking. Typically the pipes leak at the 90º elbows or the 45º bends but of

  Swimming pool filter leaks are very common and although a cracked or split filter cannot be repaired, the piping going into the filter can be repaired. Mostly the filter tank fittings start to leak over time due to movement of the filter du

  Swimming pool pumps can leak at the inlet or the outlet as well as at the shaft seal. The inlet being the suction pipe fitting and the outlet being the return pipe leaving the top of the pump  and feeding into the filter. The shaft sea

  Swimming pool cracks are very common and need to be repaired structurally and not just on the surface. We cut channels into the marbelite perpendicular to the crack and about 4cm deep. We drill holes at each end and knock Y10 steel staples

  Fibreglass pools can crack as easily as marbelite pools although they are often tears more than cracks. Fibreglass shells will crack whereas fibreglass linings typically tear as a result of a structural crack in the concrete wall behind the

  A suction issue on a swimming pool's piping system could be a result of a number of things including the following: the o-ring (seal) under the pump lid has fallen out or is not in properly or there are leaves/sticks stuck on it c

  Swimming pool lights are often the souce of a pool leak. These leaks can be difficult to find since modern pool light casings are typically built into the pool structure and the back section is recessed almost 200mm (20cm). The gland where

  We can detect water mains leaks between the mains water supply of any building and the structure iteslf as well as inside the building such as the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, etc. We should be able to pinpoint the leak using tracer ga

                    We now do underwater leak detection in both domestic and commercial pools (schools pools, gym pools, etc.) as well as underground reservoirs, water ta
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